Our story: Born in Nottingham met a Scotsman fell in love and now happily living in Scotland the beautiful magical place full of legend and unicorns for they are the national animal of Scotland, how cool is that.

Originally a fashion designer with love of all beautiful and the quirky.

The name is from my lovely granny who was christened Elizabeth Louisa Onion’s, known as Lizzie Onion’s, my beloved granny, many happy memories of Sunday afternoons watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, the beautiful dresses and oh so glamourous interiors had me hooked - she also loved to watch wrestling on a Saturday afternoon but I was never a fan.

Welcome to Lizzie Onion’s Emporium - an online home lifestyle boutique dedicated to sourcing beautiful things from all over the world to add sparkle and va-va-voom to your home.  For those of us who aren’t afraid to take risks and say no to bland magnolia and hello to new adventures.