Limited Edition Pair of Prints Set of Four - The Alchemy Collection

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We are so in love with these strictly limited edition prints from breakthrough artist Maximillion – the ‘Alchemy’ collection.  For a limited time only we are offering a special discount when you purchase all 4 framed prints.

The prints are available only in pairs and are themed:


Queen & King
- Domino & Amanita Virosa

Each print is

  • (2021) Limited Edition of 10 Signed and numbered
  • Archival giclee print on 310gsm Hahnemuhle German Etching paper
  • Embellished with 24ct gold leaf detailing
  • Black & gold wood frame with museum quality glazing
  • Image size 210mm x 148mm (A5)
  • Letter of authentication

Queen & King

This pair of collages are based on French pastel portraits dating from the 18th century, some of which hang in the Louvre in Paris.

In ‘Queen' the delicate blues and pastel pinks of the portrait are combined with the smooth tones and textures of natural objects, found while beach combing. They create an image at once magical and mysterious, with the final effect being a synthesis of painting and photography. 

 “King" has a more metallic and mechanical feel. The image is of a young Louie XIV of France, an official portrait in all his finery, however he has been hijacked by 21st century surrealism for a punk makeover - reminiscent of Jamie Reid's iconic Sex Pistol's image God Save the Queen.

Domino & Amanita Virosa

In ‘Domino’ the black tile with white dots featured in this image represents the game of dominoes, which was popular at Versailles at the time and also refers to the black mask and cloak used to disguise the wearer at masquerades of the 18th century, 

This print Amanita Virosa was one of a small number that was produced in during 2020 in the first UK lockdown, and is part of the artist's response to the pandemic. Much of Maximillion’s work explores the concepts of duality and paradox. In this picture this idea is expressed in the form of a mushroom - mushrooms can be poisonous and lead to death, but they are also an essential part of decomposition and so, the regeneration of new life. Amanita Virosa is the Latin name for The Destroying Angel, a ghostly white and highly poisonous mushroom, common in much of Europe.

However, the mushroom pictured was a field mushroom that had been found flattened and dried like some bizarre cubist representation of reality. If you stare at the mushroom for any length of time you may get the impression that you can see the eyes of the woman in the portrait behind. The autumnal rich palette of yellows, gold and chestnut brown are complemented by the red of the lips and a tinge of blue on the face, suggesting an image infused with both peace and melancholia. The portrait with its blue face is also a tongue in cheek reference to 'Chinese Girl' the 1952 painting by Vladimir Tretchikoff of a blue faced girl, which became one of the best-selling reproduction prints of the 20th century



The Limited Edition Pair of Prints Set of Four - The Alchemy Collection is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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